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Old 03-15-2012, 11:42 PM
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Default Piston rusted inside yamaha razz jug.... HELP PLEASE!!

I just got a 88 yamaha razz from a buddy and it's been out in the weather for quite some time he said. I plan on cleaning it up and cruising on it but the throttle needle is stuck inside the carb and the piston is rusted to the sides of the jug. Does anyone know of anyways I can get is loose? I've read about lighting kerosene inside of it, does that work? Will it ruin the jug completely? Please help and thanks!

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Old 03-17-2012, 10:49 PM
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Put penetrating oil on the cylinder & let it work. Remove the cylinder head; tap the cylinder with a rubber mallet until the cylinder can be pulled off.
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Old 04-17-2012, 08:50 PM
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ive found deep creep to work very well. frizz-oil worked on an aluminum gmc diesel blower i freed up for a friend once. it aint cheap, deep creep is like 9 bucks a can. spray it in til it foams, and let it sit for a day. do not light it. also, hit a dodge dealer and buy a can of mopar rust penetrant. it foams grey and works very well on rusty brake bleeders. the deep creep i used in the action of an old spring tension bb gun. took a few days of persuading the bolt to move before it freed up though. id pop the head off, spray a generous amount of deep creep and mopar in it and give it two days. come back and see if it worked into the rings. there would be less oil if it did. a wooden dowel on the piston crown and a few gentle taps from a firm head rubber mallet every day or so might make it loosen up. but she might be seized and the cyl walls gouged. its not like a four stroke where itll smoke and consume some crankcase oil. your jug will lose compression and it wont want to start. i wish luck, but keep optimistic. and post the end result.
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Old 04-18-2012, 03:24 PM
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as said put in a bit of penetrating fluid overnight.
however you don't need to remove the head
just get a wooden dowel that will fit in the spark plug hole
and give it a light tap or two that usually frees them up for me.
if its really stuck to the cylinder you might have to remove the cylinder
and hone it and put in a piston kit.

the rings can be stuck to the piston too and you might not get good compression,
so after (if it comes unstuck) do a compression test that will tell you about the rings...

you can put a pinch of Ajax cleanser in the spark plug hole after you free up the
piston and its 'sposed to re hone and re seat the rings. many a tractor has been reborn
with that farmboy trick

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