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Body Panel Removal

These mods may void your warranty and are not for the technically challenged. Provoscooter takes no responsibility for any undesired effects and or results that may come about in performing these modifications. With that said we have taken care to provide the most verbose (illustrations and text) available for the Vino. These modifications are specifically for the Vino/Jog, but may serve as a reference for many other scooters, especially those with a minerelli motor. NOT FOR STREET USE. FOR RACE USE ONLY. ;-)

These are the tools needed for this modification:
10mm Socket and Ratchet
Phillips Screwdriver

Body Removal -
Removing the body panels is a fairly simple process. There is only about 4 screws per side cowl, 3 in front of the seat and 4 bolts in the floor panel. The order in which you take them off is almost obvious and is the trickiest part. You must remove the panel in front of the seat first. There is 2 screws under the seat and one screw in the front middle of the panel. Then you can remove the 4 screws that secure the side cowls (on the right side of the bike the top screw is under the oil fill panel). Then you can remove the 4 bolts (10mm) for the floor panel. The easiest way to take it off after the bolts are removed is to pull from the back part of the floorboard and tilt it up toward the handlebars. It should come right off. Reassembly is the same thing, just reverse the steps and panels to replace. Refer to the pictures if you want to know the screw locations.