twitterIn a continual effort to keep in touch with our customers and fellow scooter enthusiasts, Provoscooter is now on Twitter. It's been a few months since we set up the account, but we now have someone to manage it for us. Twitter is a great way to get the latest info about what we are up to. When we get an inventory shipment in...we will tweet about it. When we add new parts to the shop...we will update you on twitter. When we make changes to the site/forum...we will send out a tweet to let the world know. And probably the most important, when we have a sale (or even a special twitter followers sale)...we will let you know via twitter.

Twitter is a great way for us to keep everyone up to date about what we are doing. This past year has seen a lot of changes at provoscooter. Posting updates on twitter will help you keep track of everything that is going on. So make sure you stay in the loop and follow us on twitter.