Product Announcement

Two Brothers Racing Performance Exhaust System – Aluminum

Two Brothers Zuma 125 Exhaust

Compatable Scooters

Yamaha Zuma 125

So the wait is finally over!! We have been waiting all season for our supplier to get these in and they finally have. We now have a sweet exhaust to offer for the Zuma 125. We got the Two Brothers Racing exhaust system. Not only does it look sick it is a great performer. Two Bros does a great job documenting their products. Check out the Dyno chart for gains over stock.

Two Brothers Exhaust Dyno Chart

Also in the item description you will find more detailed specs on the exhaust. We have had great results and feedback from our new Zuma 125 customers and are working hard to continue to provide you the latest performance parts.

(Just as a side note, in our effort to expand our product line, we will be getting in some sweet JDM Genuine Yamaha accessories for the Zuma 125 very soon.)

You can check out all the details about the Two Brothers Racing Exhaust Here.

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