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About Provoscooter

Provoscooter has a rich history in the scooter community and especially on the internet. The beginnings of Provoscooter are traced back to Erich Ficker and his participation in the 2001 BYU homecoming parade on his Yamaha Vino 50. During the parade the Rubio's Fish Taco broke the standup scooter he was riding on and eneded up joining Erich and his friends on the back of a Kymco People.

This group of people that rode around on new (as opposed to classic) scooters loosely referred to themselves as Provoscooter. In the following year's BYU homecoming parade, the Provoscooter group rode together with Brigham's Bees which was a classic scooter club at the time. The group stole the show by doing wheelies and other tricks.

Around this same time, in 2002, Erich noticed a lack of information about tuning and moding scooters. He started Provoscooter.com and began to post information about derestricting and deregulating Yamaha scooters. The traffic that started flooding to the site because of its content was a strong indication of growing scooter enthusiasm.

Soon people started enqiring about where they could purchase performance parts for their scooters. Because of the lack of supply, Provoscooter started its online store to meet the growing deman. The site went through a few variations as its content and software were updated--eventually reaching the look that remained for the period between 2003 and the beginning of 2009.

In 2009 the site began another transformation in order to provide forum member and shoppers with more information and a better experience. The forum software was upgraded adding new features such as scooter garages, photos, and stronger spam protection. The store was completely redone which allowed for much better organization. Since the upgrade we have added about three times as many parts.

On February 3, 2011, the site underwent a cosmetic change to visually unite the forum and store and provide a better user experience.

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